All over the world, people are now leveraging on social media platforms to market their brands. While some people use Pinterest to upload pictures and have fun, it seems that a lot more can be done with it. Pinterest is gradually growing to be the best platform to grow, advertise your business and interact with your potential customers. When you discover the potentials within Pinterest you will appreciate the platform better and utilize it to the fullest. We will give you top reasons why using Pinterest can boost your business 

1. Pinterest allows you to reach a sizeable audience:

The number of users on Pinterest now is well over 150 million and this makes it a great platform to reach your desired audience. Pinterest users use this platform to identify with their hobbies, passions, ideas, and interests and if you are in that range they will reach out to you. Research has also shown the number of persons joining Pinterest grows daily. As more people are joining that means more visibility for your business and more sales too.

2. Pinterest allows you to engage with your audience:

One of the advantages of Pinterest is that it allows you to effectively engage with your targeted audience. When you post good contents people that benefit from it will make good recommendations to a targeted audience. When people appreciate your content, your pins will get to be seen by the right audience and you get engagement from the right people.

3. Pinterest keeps you updated:

With Pinterest, you will be informed of emerging trends and this allows you to rebrand your product to meet the recent trends. Pinterest search shows a popular and trending product or which products are in style. This information helps you make the necessary adjustments to keep up and improve your business.

4. Pinterest drives traffic:

Pinterest is a good platform to increase links back to your site which will, in turn, drive traffic to your site. With Pinterest ads you can create a post-click landing page for your potential customers to visit after clicking your ad. As long as you create and share good content that interests your audience they will more often than not share your content and follow your links.

5. Increases Purchase:

A lot of people on social media tend to be skeptical of making purchases but Pinterest removes that by acting as a medium to link users directly to the relevant sources.  Research has shown that 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest. Pinterest converts people from mere visitors on your page to customers faster than any other social media platform.

6. Improves your brand authenticity:

Pinterest helps you increase the authority of your brand. You can showcase contents from outside sources or make references which allows you to show the human and real side of your business.

7. Pinterest is a long term investment:

Investing in your Pinterest by creating and sharing contents pays off in the long run because pins last forever. The contents you put out there will always come up on search engines thereby keeping your quality pins evergreen and this helps to boost your business.

8. It is user-driven:

The good thing about Pinterest is that it reduces stress for you in the sense that once a user appreciates your content they help you advertise your brand by pinning it for others to see. The more interesting your content the more it gets repinned by others. This will increase the coverage of your brand and enhance its visibility. So you no longer have to spend money on marketing, just create the right content and it will get a lot of repins.  Once your pins gain popularity you will start getting a large number of views and a greater chance of getting more customers in the process.

9. People on Pinterest readily buy your products:

Unlike other social media platforms where people go to follow celebrities and influencers, people come to Pinterest to follow their favorite brands and products which is why the majority of Pinterest profiles are businesses. Pinterest users most usually come to Pinterest because they are looking for ideas on products to buy. If your product meets their specifications they will purchase it.

10. Gets you to know the audience’s mind:

Every business person wants to know what their target or potential customers want.  Pinterest does not only let you know what is trending, but it also helps you to understand the likes and dislikes of your audience. What this does for your business is that it helps you to re-strategize and create products that are high in demand.

The benefits of using Pinterest for your business are endless and should be utilized by every business person that wants results. Pinterest is easy to use, free and can greatly boost your business. You should start it now.