Pinterest is fast becoming one of the best platforms to advertise one’s business, goods or services.  It is amazing how many entrepreneurs are leveraging on this platform to advance their marketing strategy and in turn, grow their business. The majority of the pins saved on Pinterest comes from business. Pinterest is largely a picture inclined, an idea-driven platform where its users go to find and share inspiration for goods, products, and services that will help their lives. 

With over 175 million active monthly users, Pinterest rose as the 3rd largest social network thereby making Pinterest ads the best place to advertise your product. Pinterest started in 2010 but introduced Pinterest ads sometime in 2014 and since then changed the game for online advertisement. 

 Pinterest is full of so many opportunities for companies of different sizes and it should be a platform to focus your marketing skills.  So if you are still contemplating on which social platform to use, this article will give you reasons why Pinterest ads are the best place to advertise your product. 

1. Pinterest ads create demand:

Pinterest ads are popular for generating lots of demand. With its over 150 million monthly users, Pinterest users are introduced to new products 45% more than other social media platforms and this is of great importance and advantage to any business especially for new brands. All those users now pin, repin, save, search and are being introduced daily to new products. With the introduction of promoted video pins, it makes for an even greater way to advertise one’s brand. The awareness campaign on Pinterest also generates lots of demand for your product.

2. Pinterest ads drive lots of traffic:

This is probably the most important advantage of using Pinterest ads to advertise your product. Pinterest ads are great ways to improve a brand’s awareness, increase engagement, boost sales and drive traffic. You can now set up post-click landing pages for your potential customers to visit after engaging your ad. When well utilized, Pinterest ads will most likely be your best social referrals. You should, however, ensure that you create and pin relevant and good content that will be of benefit to the users.

3. Your customers are on Pinterest:

No matter the business, product or brand you’re into chances are that your potential customers are on Pinterest.  With over 50 billion pins and boards, Pinterest is the platform to advertise one’s brand. We have more than 2 million people daily saving pins on products they like to their boards. We also see people from different fields like bankers, marketers, programmers coming to Pinterest to teach or learn different topics. Tutorials on different projects are also being engaged on Pinterest.


4. Pinterest ads increase engagement:

People on Pinterest always save pins to engage it later in the future. When people see your ads and like it, they will repin it and your ads will be seen by the right audience. Also, when someone shares your promoted pins and it gets repinned by another person, that click by the other person is free for you! Just ensure to pin your best engaging ads and people will keep re-pinning it and it might even go viral.


5. Pinterest ads increase purchase:

Research has shown that Pinterest users are most likely to purchase a product of Pinterest than any other social media platform.  About an estimated 85% of pinners have purchased a product they saw on the site, 55% discovered new products and brands from promoted pins and about 90% of Pinterest users have used the platform to plan their future purchase. This is not far fetched from the fact that people come to Pinterest at the stage when they want to buy or purchase a product so they just come to Pinterest for ideas on what exactly to buy. Also, due to the very nature of Pinterest, there are a lot of visually appealing products and this naturally encourages people to shop. This generates more purchase intent decisions and increases sales.


6. Pinterest boasts a brand performance:

Pinterest has a way of boosting a brand’s performance.  Once you can show your potential customers the benefits of your product and how to use it, your brand will shine. Unlike other platforms, Pinterest offers you the opportunity to showcase product training in an interesting and fun manner that people will appreciate. We have seen people using promoted pins to share videos on how to make a particular meal, snack and so on. People being able to know how best to use your product will go a long way to boost your brand’s performance.


 If you are just starting a brand or looking to grow an already established one, advertising your product to the right people plays a major role in the growth of the business. Pinterest ads have always proven to be the best place to advertise your product. Many products that failed on other social media platforms have succeeded here on Pinterest. So get on on Pinterest and make good use of this platform.